SyFy Is Canceling Stargate: Universe … Waaaah!

SGUThat’s right, Stargate: Universe fans. First … for me … there was Farscape. Then I discovered Firefly on the SciFi Channel (before they tweened up the name for copyright purposes) only to learn that it had already been canceled. Wha?! And now, to my abject horror, Stargate: Universe is going under. That’s right. This is the last season. SyFy, must you destroy everything that I love? What’s next? Chocolate cake and porn?

Curse you, SyFy Channel! A pox on you, I say!

Yes, thanks to big scifi web sites like IO9, I realize that SGU wasn’t as popular with my fellow geeks. I reviewed SGU before they’d met any aliens or fought any real battles, and even then, I liked it. Of course, it wasn’t silly like its predecessors. Maybe that’s part of the problem. I suspect Stargate fans liked the silliness of the other shows in the franchise. But SGU was also less implausible by miles. And yeah, I’m looking at you, SG-1.

How many times did SG-1 wonder into a Goa’uld mothership where all the warriors seemed to be on vacation? There’d be like 3 guys wondering past them and beyond that, nothing but empty corridors. Stargate: Atlantis wasn’t that bad. Don’t even get me started on Goa’uld weapon technology or their battle tactics. These were just some of the things I wanted to poke fun of about SG-1 after my Star Trek versus Battlestar Galactica review. Alas, I never wrote an SG-1 review.

At any rate, I just found out about SGU’s cancellation yesterday on the web. My reaction went something like this:





That was after I’d fallen to my knees. It took like an hour to get back up again. Man, am I old. Still, it was worth it.

SGU hot chick
Will her boobies live on in some
other TV series? We can only hope.

So now what’s an atheist geek like me to do? Well, there’s still Doctor Who … but that show has as many ups and downs as the new Galactica had. True Blood went off the rails a bit during the second half of their last season. Dare I to believe in True Blood again? Hey, I’ve been hurt before. Then there’s Supernatural. Yeah, Supernatural will never be canceled. Right? Promise me CW! PROMISE! Why won’t you look me in the eye, CW?


Fine. Be that way. I’m watching you, CW. No sudden moves.

Until the next horrifying piece of news crosses my desk …

P.S. — Avatar still sucks. So there.

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