Review: Knight Rider (2008)

Knight Rider 2008
Exhibit A for you believers:
Proof positive that there is no God.
That’s right – read it and weep.

I remember seeing the TV movie of the new Knight Rider and the feeling of disorientation that came with it. That’s because it didn’t totally suck-ass like I expected. I couldn’t have been more disappointed. I continue to watch the old 80s series precisely because it does suck so bad! The original Knight Rider is hilarious, and I really think Mike and his pals should do a Rifftrax on it. (The Film Crew? Mystery Science Theater 3000? Hello!) Still, if the first episode is decent, you naturally expect the remaining episodes to get better. So I just had to watch the new Knight Rider when it aired a week or two ago.

How was it?



Old Knight Rider
“One d-bag CAN make a
difference, Michael!”

Let me put it this way. The TV movie disappointed me for being pretty decent. But the first episode of the new series met all my original expectations. Oh yes … it was truly awful. Hilariously awful. So go watch it quick! Before NBC cancels this turd. Trust me, your sides will split with laughter and then — once NBC releases the series to DVD in a month or two — you’ll be ready to post your own riff of the entire series. You’ll be famous. All thanks to NBC.

Note that I thought I was Knight Rider once … but then, like all my dreams, it was crushed by the sting of cruel reality. Not to mention the fact that my feet aren’t round or made of rubber.

Here’s a little bit more in the way of visual details to honor the old series:

alternate description of image
Here, David Hasselhoff gives
us the wrong finger. Hover
your mouse over the image
for an “even better” joke.
Garth Knight
Garth Knight created the
KITT VS Goliath
Here we see Michael trying to
put his Geico car insurance to
the test. Meanwhile, KITT begs
for his life.
Mike tries to be cool. Yeah right.
The Hoff with hair on his chest?
Man, those 80s special effects
really hold up.

So go watch Knight Rider. Maybe they’ll have a KITT vs KARR episode or bring a zombified Garth Knight back from the dead. Or maybe the old KITT will return to teach the new one how to be a proper smart ass. Ah, dare to dream…

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