Advice For Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses: “The Society Has Gotten Us Both Through The Tough Times. You Owe Them Your Loyalty!”

Is it my imagination, or do most Jehovah’s Witnesses seem determined to bring ex-Witnesses back to the Kingdom Hall by shaming us to death? A lot of their standard “attacks” are mostly emotional, and one that I’ve heard from a lot of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses is the lovable old chestnut you see in the title. Here it is worded another way: “Hey, Jehovah’s organization has gotten us this far. How can you turn your back on it after all the Watchtower Society has done for you?” I suppose they could have added something like, “You dirty, rotten traitor!” to really make your eyes water. But that would be too obvious. It’s hardly necessary since that’s pretty much what they’re implying any way.

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Advice For Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses: How To Handle It When They Try To Convert You

Or How To Make Them Go Away Without That Proud Grin On Their Face … Or Killing Anybody Either

Yeah, I know the drill. We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter if it’s only been days since you missed your last meeting or decades. There’s always one more person who drops by, probably unannounced, because they “thought they’d see how you were doing.” Except both of you know that’s a crock. They’re really here to convert you, to drag you back kicking and screaming into the same beast you already left. They need to get their time going … you know … so they’ll only waste a few minutes on meaningless small talk before revealing the truth behind their clever deception. Gasp! What? You’re here to talk to me about your religion and how much I suck for not believing in it? Why, you tricked me! Well played. Bravo! Then they drone on and on until they run out of convert-you juice, which just happens to be about an hour so they can add it to their field service report. Good times, eh?
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Advice For Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses: Why Do Witness Friends And Family Act So Weird Now That You’ve Left The Watchtower Society?

Things have been strained between you and your mom lately, haven’t they? (Just nod, okay?) Yeah, after years of skulking around and trying not to doze off at the meetings, you finally did it. You, a once loyal Jehovah’s Witness, stopped going to the Kingdom Hall and haven’t shown your face there since. Weeks have passed and everyone wants to know where you’ve been and what’s wrong…<b>with you,</b> actually. “Don’t you like the Watchtower Society any more??” they seem to be asking. You’re not expecting that lunch date to go so well with your mom this afternoon, either. (Good call.) But you try smiling anyway as you take the seat across from her. Problem is she isn’t really smiling back at you. It’s more of a grimace. Could you use some advice?
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