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The Life of Brian

Jehovah’s Witness Saves A Life

See? It’s not always bad news.

Christianity or Cult?

The thing is: there are four beautiful girls from the Jehovah’s Witnesses church that knock on our door every single week. They stopped by last night again. They are very sweet people and that is one of the reasons which stop Brian and I from suggesting them to stop insisting. We feel really bad. We have no intention to be mean.
Although my husband and I have already told them we are individuals belonging to The Baptist Church, they do not seem to get it. They keep knocking. Extremely persistent. And we just cannot find the right, nice words to say we totally disagree with most of their beliefs; therefore, we have no interest in joining the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Personally, I am not prejudiced against any religious. You do not have to believe in what I believe to be my friend. I respect any denomination. I am not that judgemental when it comes to religious. Not at all.

This blog isn’t the easiest to read. The creator uses grey type over a black background. Yikes! But the story will probably bug you more than the typeface because we’ve all seen Witness parents who use their cute little kids to win a few more converts. Anyway… ::Shakes head::

Parents of sextuplets given transfusions lose court fight

VANCOUVER — A B.C. court says a child’s right to life trumps a parent’s charter right to guide their medical treatment in the case of four sextuplets taken from their Jehovah’s Witness parents.

Jehovah’s Witnesses sure get a lot more press in Canada than in the U.S. When we had Terry Schiavo, they had a Witness in need of blood transfusion. I gotta say the blood transfusion gets them a lot of press there, but it doesn’t exactly endear them to anyone. It’s bad press, ya know? Guess any press is better than none.

Here’s another story about this case. You can find a few more news tidbits on this one here.

News And Links For Atheists:

Exploring The Creation Museum – America’s New Mecca of Fanatical Ignorance

Young Earth Creationists are a batshit-crazy sect of religious fanatics at the deep end of Christian fundamentalism, who believe that The Bible is, quote, “the history book of the Universe.” They believe every word of The Bible is not only the word of God, but is absolute literal truth, and the only truth in the Universe against which all other truths must be compared. So, of course, a manmade concept like science is a flawed, malleable thing which must be twisted around in order to fit with the words of The Bible. The most brazen of modern Young Earth Creationists (YECs, for short) believe this can be done without compromising religion or science. What, then, does The Bible say about history? Well, among other things…

Regime change in heaven

God’s thunderbolts pose an existential threat to mankind. Military intervention has become unavoidable.

You go, man.

Austin Cline’s Comment of the Week: Gay Marriage as Intrusion on Religious Rights

Review: In Plain Sight

After some problems with my satellite dish, I finally got to see In Plain Site today on the USA Network. I’ll admit that it wasn’t quite as good as Burn Notice, but it was a lot better than Monk in my opinion. Burn Notice is a bit edgier, but In Plain Site has Mary McCormack’s boobs. So … there’s that. The first episode also had more in the way of family drama than Burn Notice. Note that — for me — Burn Notice has it just about right. These two factors sort of cancel each other out if you’re me, which you probably aren’t. Personally, I’m hoping for a crossover some day in the future. Kinda like that time when Magnum P.I. met Simon and Simon back in the 80s.

As Marshal Mary Shannon, Mary McCormack is fiesty and smart. Like many USA characters, she’s hard nosed and tough on the outside, but all caramel on the inside. Her partner, Marshal Marshal, (no joke) reminds me a little of the guy from NBC’s Life. Word on the net has it that NBC might “borrow” In Plain Sight for it’s line up and show the program on both networks. Must be nice to have a few other TV networks in your pocket than your own.

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News And Links For Atheists:

Disagreement is Not Intolerance; Saying Someone is Wrong is Not Intolerance

New video game’s objective: Stop the spread of Christianity and Islam

A video image released by the computer game’s creator showing an injured man may not appear to be graphic, but you may change your mind once you know who it is.  It’s the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Hmm, this could be inflammatory. Maybe.

You’ve Been Left Behind

You’ve Been Left Behind gives you one last opportunity to reach your lost family and friends For Christ. Imagine being in the presence of the Lord and hearing all of heaven rejoice over the salvation of your loved ones. It is our prayer that this site makes it happen.

I’ve suggested elsewhere that evangelism is often about the evangelist, not God or the people who have to endure the sermon. Especially when we’re resisting the urge to roll our eyes sarcastically or look at our watch or hang ourselves from sheer boredom. Doesn’t this pitch sound like it’s along these lines? Here are a few suggestions I’d like to make to help them get their message across:

“Imagine how all the angels of Heaven will hoist you up on their shoulders when that email to your nonbeliever friend goes out! They’ll throw you a party like its 1 B.C. all over again. Hot damn!”

“‘Well, you’re wrong because I say so but I’ll certainly pray for you because I’m right!’ Is that ‘friendly’ old come back not making you feel superior to others any more? Now you can have the last word from beyond the grave and they can’t do jack about it! Cuz you’ll be dead! Yeah, feels good. Don’t it? Sign up today and pat yourself on the back for the rest of your life, safe in the knowledge that you’ll get that last word!”

“Come on, make us feel awesome for having thought of this already! Hey, this kind of selflessness doesn’t come free.”

Study to crack evangelical stereotypes

Educated people have the notion that evangelicals are “barefoot people of Tobacco Road who, I don’t know, sleep with their sisters or something,” Berger says.

Why I am no longer a Christian

By way of moderate contrast…

Education has made the difference. The education I gained reading skeptical materials has made the difference. But it’s a good difference. I know how to think critically now. I know how to think for myself. I know how to give my own life meaning apart from religion. I know how to live life happily free from the chains of religious mythology. My Christian experience was not a bad one, and I have no doubt in my mind that I was a “real” Christian. But education stretches the mind, and like a rubber band that is stretched, the mind cannot return to its original condition once it has been stretched. I left the faith primarily for intellectual reasons. I can no longer honestly embrace the doctrines of the faith, and so – I am no longer a Christian.