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Lord Save Us From Your Followers

This isn’t directly Witness related, but it’s probably of interest to ex-Witnesses and atheists alike.

“The Church is a whore, and she’s my mother.” – Tony Campolo.

This film is powerful. If you’re open to it.

The Church is hurting. This is no mystery to a generation of believers who are beginning to look around and see the damage that has truly been done by the “Religious Right”. The hurt that we have caused with our words. This film makes a good point in using the terms “us”, “we” and “I”. This isn’t a Catholic problem or a Protestant problem. It isn’t a Mormon problem or a Jehovah’s Witness problem. This is a Christian problem. And throughout the film, we are introduced to one self-proclaimed godless heathen after another speaking the true heart of God. Because far too often it seems that the unbelieving world understands the power of what we believe better than we do. They just don’t accept it.

Academic Bibliography on Jehovah’s Witnesses

Conversations with my Dad – Cognitive Dissonance

As always, Moxie’s articles are well thought out and ex-Witnesses can easily identify with them.

I’ll get to my point in a round about way here… Here’s a little bit of back story first for those of you who may be new to this blog: I have two brothers, both younger. I was the first to move away from home, years and years ago. Recently my youngest brother, Chris, left the society and my parent’s house and has moved in with me. That leaves my other brother (we’ll call him Joe), the golden-child Ministerial Servant who has lived at home for 24 years. He’s finally moved out and has gone to Montreal (that’s a long, long way from our parent’s home).

I love God more than my children

Another one from Moxie.

Yesterday I had a conversation with my Mom on the phone. It’s been a very long time since we last spoke. Every conversation brings mixed feelings. On one hand there is the joy of speaking with someone you miss and care about very deeply, and, on the other hand there is the frustration that comes from our separation.

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