News and Links for Atheists: SNL’s Vice Presidential Debate

Behold! Tina Fey is Sarah Palin.

I was going to embed the link here, but the code doesn’t quite work for some reason. Still, I had to give you a taste, so here’s the link via Defamer.
Tina, you rule.

VIDEO: ‘God as Science Fiction’. Richard Dawkins at the Edinburgh Book Festival

Maher’s Religulous : More Borat Atheism

Bill Maher’s mockumentary Religulous opens in theaters on Friday. Judging by Maher’s media interviews, it’s more of the same type of sophomoric ridicule that has been so self-defeating to the atheist movement and that I have written about at this blog and in recent articles. Watch the trailer of the film, directed by the high minded genius who brought us Borat….

Continued at the link.

Religulous Versus Expelled

What are the similarities and differences between Bill Maher’s Religulous and Ben Stein’s Expelled?
I haven’t seen either one yet (hopefully seeing Religulous soon), but the Orlando Sentinel’s Roger Moore compares the two films.
First, the similarities:

Both use mockery, sometimes droll, sometimes nakedly hostile, to ridicule their foes. Both travel far and wide to find interview subjects, sometimes apparently hiding their purpose from those they’re chatting with. Both mix in some pretty comical straw-men for their stars to humiliate in interviews.
Both use editing to create mocking laughs at the expense of the folks they’re interviewing.

The differences, however, are huge and striking:

Between Atheism And Faith, An Apology — And A Question

In a moment, I will say something you’ve probably never read in an opinion column.

Last week, you see, I wrote about Sarah Palin’s attempt to ban books when she was a small-town mayor. In the process, I noted that “we all have questions” for Palin. Among them: “Does she really take the parable of Adam and Eve as literal truth?”

Which unleashed a flood of e-mails from people angry that I had demoted the Christian creation story to the status of parable and suggested by implication that anyone who believes it is, as one reader put it, a “fool.”

Which brings us to those seldom-used words:

You’re right. I apologize.

I know some of my fellow atheists can get a tad riled when someone plays nice with believers. But I posted this link so others can see that many atheists are actually calm, gentle people. Just as some of us are loud, opinionated, and spoiling for a fight. And everything in between.

Extinguishing the Fear of Hell

The other week, I received an excellent suggestion from a Daylight Atheism commenter via e-mail. He suggested I write a post on the following topic: How can a former believer overcome the vestigial fear of Hell?

Mormons Exposed Launches 2009 “Men on a Mission” Calendar

Excommunicated Mormon Defies Church, Releases 2009 Edition:

LAS VEGAS, Oct 02, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Mormons Exposed has announced the launch of the 2009 edition of its controversial Men on a Mission calendar, featuring twelve sexy returned Mormon missionaries posing shirtless. Created to encourage religious and cultural tolerance, and to support charities around the world, the newest issue is now on sale, defying the wishes of Mormon Church leaders.

YouTube Reinstates Pat Condell

This is how it begins…

This is how it begins. You get into a community, and you realize that seemingly sane people believe all kinds of superstitious stories. But they seem like such normal, smart people — maybe it’s true. And it’s so nice seeing people who care about you every week. And the ritual and mystery is interesting…

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