News And Links For Atheists: Religious displays to be debated in court

Religious displays to be debated in court

Presidential Election yields 2008’s Top 10 Religion Stories

On Religion: How Teens Think About Religion

Video Online: Richard Dawkins Interviews Derren Brown

VIDEO: Richard Dawkins interviews Prof. Michael Baum

My Christmas message? There’s probably no God

It is neither emotionally nor spiritually deficient to reject religions that seek to infantilise us with impossible beliefs

Note that this one is from the Guardian, so it’s about the United Kingdom and not the United States.

Ghost Stories: Visits from the Deceased

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The Future of Man–How Will Evolution Change Humans?

Contrary to popular belief, humans continue to evolve. Our bodies and brains are not the same as our ancestors’ were—or as our descendants’ will be

God Is a Problem, Sources Say

How secular newsrooms handle stories with a religious component.

Muslim Scientists Prepare for Battle With Creationists

What are the atheists afraid of?

This is one to read if you don’t mind the ravings of an annoying guy who doesn’t like us … and wants to make really sure we know it, too.

The atheists predictably demanded a display themselves. Their wish was granted when city officials caved, but rather than being a statement of their nonreligious, unbelieving “faith,” they chose to denigrate and insult my religious beliefs.

I, and many other Christians, simply won’t sit still for this behavior. I know I have friends who are either self-proclaimed or silent atheists, and this column is not about them (even though I can’t understand their decision and know they are making the biggest mistake possible). This column is for the radical members of their group.

Don’t ya love it when the uber-fundies tell us what they really think? They do it so rarely.

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