News and Links for Atheists: Obama to name faith council, panel Members to give policy input

Obama to name faith council panel
Members to give policy input

The group, which will be announced at the National Prayer Breakfast, is geared to give ministers more input into policy decisions than previous administrations have allowed them to do.

Professor Richard Dawkins on Darwin

Lotta videos of Dawkins for your viewing pleasure.

Those fanatical atheists

It’s popular these days to equate those who question God with the worst kind of zealots, but it’s not fair

Miracles and the Law of Large Numbers

Believer categorically deny that a purely natural explanation for the events is even possible. The problem is, these “miracles” are often not so improbable after all. To understand why, we just need to know a little math and statistics — subjects which too few people understand well.

L Ron Hubbard Recording About Xenu Aired on Australian TV

“Noah’s Flood” Not Rooted in Reality, After All?

Yes, even more evidence has been found.

Number of alien worlds quantified

Probably The Dumbest Creationist Argument Ever

Don’t be too sure.

The Perfect Christian Body

Which Authors Present the Best Case Against Christianity?

Cast your vote.

Who was the first atheist?

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