More About My Bad TV Watching Habits

…than you ever wanted to know. Now that I’ve written a little about my TV viewing, here’s about what I’m not watching on TV and what I should be watching. Or would be, if only some suit hadn’t canceled my favorite TV shows.

What Sucks On TV (In My Book At Least)

1. Sanctuary

I had a bad feeling about Sanctuary when I saw the first commercials. Since previews are supposed to hook sci-fi nerds like me, that wasn’t a good sign. Long story short – I made it about 25 minutes into the first episode and faded off in to snooze-ville. That one guy was kinda like a cross between the dude from Psych (or is it Psyche?) and Daniel Jackson. Amanda Tapping wasn’t at her best in this one, either. She kinda reminded me of Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith Show. I hope Stargate Atlantis will take back Amanda Tapping if the new show tanks. The reviews at Metacritic don’t look very promising.

2. Primeval

There are always exceptions, but for my money, the Brits and scifi don’t mix very well. Primeval is another one I couldn’t watch for an entire episode. It’s a lot like Sanctuary. (I used to get the commercials confused sometimes.) Both shows seem pretty cheesy to me.

3. Torchwood

Torchwood was a huge disappointment for me. It’s from the creators of Doctor Who, which is one of the few scifi shows I like from the UK. It’s supposed to be scifi for grownups, but — by my illustrious standards — it’s badly written. The very first episode was a ripoff of an Outer Limits episode. A very famous one, I might add, since Alyssa Milano went all nude in that one. If you’re going to rip something off in the very first episode, it’s probably all downhill from there. And it was. I kept giving Torchwood second chances, but after that one with the sexy Cyberchick… I finally gave up.

4. Lewis Black’s: The Root of All Evil

Big disappointment here as well. Lewis Black is a funny guy, but they’re totally wasting his talents on this show. All he does is sit back while the “lawyers” (usually less talented comics than himself) hog all the screen time. The show is supposed to be funny, but it rarely makes me laugh. I watch it because my wife is in to it. That’s about it.

The Mediocre Stuff

Yeah, this is stuff I watch. Usually because my wife is into it. But I wouldn’t really recommend it.

1. Eureka

This isn’t a bad show. It’s just … well … a little too cute for me. And the stories are very easy to figure out. If it was cute and clever, I might give it a higher mark.

2. The Gong Show

Basically, I only watch this show for the occasional babe. I’m not big on stunts or self humiliation.

Stuff I Should Be Watching … But It Was Canceled

1. Farscape

My number one pick of all time. Yeah, I said Farscape, dammit! Farscape rules.

2. Firefly

Firefly ties with Farscape for the number one spot. Joss Whedon was robbed. And I am left to weep bitterly for his loss. For it is mine, too. ::sniff::

3. Threshold

Huge shocker, but I liked Threshold. It was a little bit vanilla by my standards, but it was still a good show. And now … poof … it is gone.

These aren’t the only shows I watch. But they’re the ones I think about. How about you?


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