HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Oh, And Merry Christmas Too.

Christmas HottiesFirst, I want to wish you all Happy Holidays to annoy anyone who is bothered by the phrase Happy Holidays. Their pointless hate gives me strength. (I'm looking at you, Fox News.) Second, I want to wish everyone who doesn't care which phrase I use a Merry Christmas, '09 style.

My wife and I have been busily trying to move. One deal fell on it's butt cheeks, so we're working on another. Since we pretty much live in a dump, anything short of a cardboard box will be an improvement. Too bad about the first place we tried to buy–it would have made a nice Christmas present. Especially for my wife, who's a Jehovah's Witness. Insert sly laughter here.

Say what you want, the animated babes are hotter.

I'm also working on some new articles for Austin Cline, atheist extraordinaire, and hoping to see a little movie called "Avatar." You'll know if I saw it because there will be a review right here on Atheist Geek News. Hopefully, it'll suck so I can make fun of it. Alas, the reviews are very good.

For all the ex-Witnesses out there who are celebrating the holiday, have an extra scoop of holiday cheer. Only punch an Elder if he knocks on your door while celebrating the holidays. Make sure to shout "Atheist Geek!" when you do. Maybe an epidemic of busted noses will break out and they'll write an article about me! That'd be neat. It's the only present that could rival a new place to live. Well, there are even better presents, but I'm not sharing what those might be. Insert sideways glance at pics I uploaded to this page.

Once I've moved, I hope to start posting more frequently again.


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The Atheist Geek is a former Jehovah's Witness turned secular humanist. He's a lifelong sci-fi geek and a writer wannabe.
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