News And Links for Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses: Warwick OKs Site of New Watchtower Headquarters

Warwick OKs Watchtower site

The Watchtower Tract and Bible Society has won Planning Board approval for a new world headquarters in a semi-rural section of town off Long Meadow Road.

I think it’s kinda funny that they got the name wrong. Because I’m easily amused, I guess.

Extreme Shunning

Written by AAWA’s Richard Kelly. As always, be sure to check the comments.

Team 10 obtains video of admitted child molester in Jehovah’s Witnesses

In a video deposition taken in 2011 during a civil lawsuit, admitted serial pedophile Gonzalo Campos said he abused several children in his San Diego congregation from the early 1980’s through the mid 90’s.
“I did abuse him,” said Campos in the video. “I touched his private parts.”

Church Usher Charged With Sexual Abuse of Boy Parishioners

An usher at a Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation in Sun Valley was charged Wednesday with sexually abusing four boys he met at the church.
Marcelo Lozano, 34, is expected to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon at Van Nuys Superior Court with nine felony counts…

Bradford paedophile jailed for abuse of boys

Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday Capazzo, 41, who was formerly known as Andrew Collins, had been a member of the Jehovah’s Witness faith.
Prosecutor Sophie Drake said his behaviour had been brought to the attention of the elders at a Bradford place of worship and he was “disfellowed”. She said: “Although he was shunned by the congregation he was still allowed to attend meetings. At that time matters were not brought to the attention of the police.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses under fire

At the recent summer conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Silkeborg and Herlufmagle, speakers likened lapsed members to a deadly virus, snakes and contaminated soil that should not be mixed with clean soil.
The rhetoric was so strong that the movement may have breached article 266b of the Danish Criminal Code, under which…

“Shun your disfellowshipped loved ones!”: Shocking District Convention talk hits YouTube

From Cedars at JW Survey:

Recorded at one of the 2013 “God’s Word Is Truth” District Conventions in California, the speaker instructs Witnesses to shun family members, even children, as an act of loyalty.

Jehovah Witnesses dispel myths, discuss religion at Lyndhurst Kingdom Hall

The followers, which are anything but cult-like, come from all walks of life and transgress many cultures. The Watchtower is published monthly in 209 languages. Locally, followers get together in Lyndhurst at their hall on Stuyvesant Avenue on Thursdays and Sundays for “meetings.” The hall caters to local Portuguese and Spanish speaking, as well as English, Jehovah Witnesses.

Anything but cult-like??? Someone needs to do their homework. Check the comments for more.

PODCAST: BTR Guest: Former Watchtower HQ worker Mariuca Rofick
VIDEO: 7.0 Why I left Mormonism – How to Avoid Deception

VIDEO: Dad vs Jehovah’s witnesses

Economic stimulus: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Thunder are a boon to area businesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Shunning

Shun the nonbelieverWhen one of Jehovah’s Witnesses does something that his local elders deem a serious offense against God and Watchtower, he will probably be disfellowshipped by a closed-door tribunal. From that point forward, he is basically dead to all Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide. It’s a bit like that one episode from the Twilight Zone, actually. If he tries to communicate with them in any way, he will either be ignored or angrily told the error of his ways.

They call it “congregation discipline” and make it sound like it’s a punishment from Jehovah God himself. As if Jehovah floats down from Heaven and plays judge and jury instead of congregation elders. If those elders were truly being influenced by Jehovah or Jesus in any way, then why is it that some disfellowshippings get annulled? As in, oops, the elders made a mistake!

But you don’t hear about those very often, do you? (They do happen, though.) Never mind. Keep reading to learn more about disfellowshipping.

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News And Links For Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses: Association of Anti-Watchtower Activists in the News

As mentioned in my last post, the Association of Anti-Watchtower Activists (AAWA) is here to make the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society a less crappy place to live in1 and to help ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who need it.

I have some updates for you about the Association of Anti-Watchtower Activists below.

AAWA has an update for us at An eventful journey – summing up AAWA’s launch |

There have been highs, and there have been lows! I will do my best to state candidly and factually what we did right and what we got wrong.

My fellow board members and I went into this with our eyes wide open, expecting to divide opinion and make mistakes – but it was always going to be impossible to predict the response to something that has never been done before to this extent.

Atheism TV ran a story about the AAWA via The Infidel; News for the Damned (2013-04-12). The part about AAWA is about two minutes in. Note that this is a video link to an online news channel on YouTube.

Religion News ran a story called New organization takes on Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Watch Tower Society

AAWA says it is a strictly religiously-neutral organization. Legally incorporated on March 7th 2013, AAWA works with a Board of Directors, an Advisory Board, and volunteers.

Here’s a link at Topix called Association of Anti-Watchtower Activists about the AAWA. One commentator had this to say:

They selected a politically incorrect name out of the gate

Interesting name selection

Folks like to be For something. hence Pro-

While they are not to excited to Be against something. Hence Anti

The abortion groups learned this and on both sides of the issues changed their names to

Pro life

Pro choice

As jw we were so shutout of political things we never learned these techniques that others learned years ago from being involved in politics

Just my 2

I confess some misgivings about the name as well. I do think it conveys the wrong message on one level. Yes, it’s a strong name for a strong stance, but it also makes the association sound like it could be full of extremists who want to picket Bethel headquarters. On the other hand, what do you call it? “The Association of Pro-Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses?”

There were also some rumblings about the name at JWD.

Time will tell. If need be, I suppose they can always change the name.

The AAWA was also mentioned at a blog called 100 USES FOR MUESLI at this link: Watchtower, beware!

You can volunteer to help the AAWA through their website and can join their Facebook page (but you have to be invited first). You can also get a badge added to your Facebook profile pic here to show your support.

  1. Yes, if you’re one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we already know what you will say. The Society’s “truth” is awesome, every day is a dream come true. I know. I just disagree.