More About My Bad TV Watching Habits

…than you ever wanted to know. Now that I’ve written a little about my TV viewing, here’s about what I’m not watching on TV and what I should be watching. Or would be, if only some suit hadn’t canceled my favorite TV shows.

What Sucks On TV (In My Book At Least)

1. Sanctuary

I had a bad feeling about Sanctuary when I saw the first commercials. Since previews are supposed to hook sci-fi nerds like me, that wasn’t a good sign. Long story short – I made it about 25 minutes into the first episode and faded off in to snooze-ville. That one guy was kinda like a cross between the dude from Psych (or is it Psyche?) and Daniel Jackson. Amanda Tapping wasn’t at her best in this one, either. She kinda reminded me of Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith Show. I hope Stargate Atlantis will take back Amanda Tapping if the new show tanks. The reviews at Metacritic don’t look very promising.

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What I’m Watching On TV These Days

Like the title says, I’m an atheist geek. So I spend most of my TV time watching sci-fi and fantasy TV. With that in mind, here’s what I’m watching and a little bit about why. I’ll give you a quick list of what sucks (because I refuse to watch it) later. Now, on with the Atheist Geek’s TV shows!

What I’m Watching

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Review: The Incredible Hulk!

The Incredible Hulk posterDoes anyone remember “Hulk” by Ang Lee? I hope not, ’cause that movie sucked. That p.o.s. was made back in 2003 and I still don’t know what the hell it was about. (Darn you Ang Lee.) But The Incredible Hulk — which¬† was just released in 2008 — is another story entirely. Marvel could easily just ignore the old bomb and start their franchise anew with this movie, which is what they seem to be doing. So if you’re worred that the horrifying stench of Ang Lee’s movie will be all over this one, fear no more. We even get shots of The Incredible Hulk’s creation in the movie’s opening scenes, which are clearly tailored on the old Bill Bixby TV series. This was pretty different than Ang Lee’s bizarro version of the Hulk’s origins. It’s as if Marvel is rebooting the franchise and saying, “Hey, we’re sorry about that other movie. We covered it in pancake syrup and left it by a nest of bullet ants to die a horrible death, then lit it on fire and buried its smoldering ashes in our back yard. So please give this one a chance. Okay?”

I did. And I didn’t regret it.
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