Review: J. J. Abram’s New Star Trek

star-trek-posterAs those who read some of my earlier Star Trek commentaries already know, the Trek franchise isn’t my favorite in sci-fi land these days. Sorry uber Trek-nerds, but the show is just too sterilized and bland for my tastes. I’ve been hoping for a much needed reimagining (or at least a reboot) ever since Star Trek: Enterprise first hit the airwaves. Then, low and behold, J. J. Abrams came along and made it happen! (Insert a chorus of angels singing here.) I’m sure many hardcore Trekkers began weeping openly when Abrams admitted he wasn’t a big fan of the series, but this only encouraged my dream for a better version. And by “better,” I mean one where humanity still has a long way to go before achieving paradise, or where battles are actually fast paced and (dare I say it?) exciting.

So … did my man J. J. Abrams deliver the goods? Or does the Star Trek reboot need a boot up its ass?

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Behold! The Atheist Geek Reviews … Watchmen!

watchmen posterLike any atheist geek worth his salt, I used to be a big comic book nerd back in the ’80s. But I had never read the Watchmen comics or (::gasp::) even heard of them. Maybe that’s because I was into Marvel comics instead of DC. Or because my home town sucked and we never got anything that was really “cool” by my standards. I could never get my hands on the Secret Wars comics back then either. Still, I could hardly wait to see Watchmen (the movie) when I saw the previews at the theater. I checked the web sites to see who liked it (the reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 65%) and who didn’t (Metacritic gave it 56%, which is pretty average). So I wasn’t sure what I was in for when I went to see it last Saturday.

So was it awesome, or did I leave weeping bitterly and shaking my fist at a cruel, cruel world?

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Review: Leverage

The Cast of Leverage
Which one of these people is waaaay older than the rest?

I’ve been watching TNT’s Leverage for a while now. I’ve never been a big fan of TNT’s television line up, but tag lines like, “Get ready to get even,” and, “Sometimes villains make the best good guys,” had me hooked. If you can imagine what would happen if Burn Notice and Ocean’s Eleven got busy at some Hollywood coke party, then you’re well on your way to understanding Leverage completely. If that’s not enough, try to imagine that the party was thrown by the A-Team and you’re there … or you’re having an aneurysm right now. (Eat your heart out Erwin Schrödinger.)

So, does the show rock or does it suck?

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Review: Knight Rider (2008)

Knight Rider 2008
Exhibit A for you believers:
Proof positive that there is no God.
That’s right – read it and weep.

I remember seeing the TV movie of the new Knight Rider and the feeling of disorientation that came with it. That’s because it didn’t totally suck-ass like I expected. I couldn’t have been more disappointed. I continue to watch the old 80s series precisely because it does suck so bad! The original Knight Rider is hilarious, and I really think Mike and his pals should do a Rifftrax on it. (The Film Crew? Mystery Science Theater 3000? Hello!) Still, if the first episode is decent, you naturally expect the remaining episodes to get better. So I just had to watch the new Knight Rider when it aired a week or two ago.

How was it?



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