More About My Bad TV Watching Habits

…than you ever wanted to know. Now that I’ve written a little about my TV viewing, here’s about what I’m not watching on TV and what I should be watching. Or would be, if only some suit hadn’t canceled my favorite TV shows.

What Sucks On TV (In My Book At Least)

1. Sanctuary

I had a bad feeling about Sanctuary when I saw the first commercials. Since previews are supposed to hook sci-fi nerds like me, that wasn’t a good sign. Long story short – I made it about 25 minutes into the first episode and faded off in to snooze-ville. That one guy was kinda like a cross between the dude from Psych (or is it Psyche?) and Daniel Jackson. Amanda Tapping wasn’t at her best in this one, either. She kinda reminded me of Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith Show. I hope Stargate Atlantis will take back Amanda Tapping if the new show tanks. The reviews at Metacritic don’t look very promising.

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What I’m Watching On TV These Days

Like the title says, I’m an atheist geek. So I spend most of my TV time watching sci-fi and fantasy TV. With that in mind, here’s what I’m watching and a little bit about why. I’ll give you a quick list of what sucks (because I refuse to watch it) later. Now, on with the Atheist Geek’s TV shows!

What I’m Watching

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Technology Geeks: Dish Network Versus DirecTV Part 2

dish picWell, the installers arrived to hook up my new Dish Network DVR and satellite dish for my TV. (You can check out part one of my satellite dish review here.) I’m about to put myself through the process of cutting off my DirecTV service, which should be easy. (Not!) Meanwhile, I thought I’d tell ya what I think of Dish Network so far.

First, I noticed that this unit only uses a single cable despite being a dual tuner. DirecTV used two for their dual tuners. That means they would only need to drill one hole in my wall instead of two (if I didn’t already have two to begin with). When DirecTV added the extra cable back in January of ’07, they actually hit a line in the wall and cut out my refrigerator. (Again, I really didn’t like their installer.) I have no idea how badly mangled the wires are, but the fridge still works. I just had to hit the breaker to get it going again. At any rate, now I only have one cable to bury in the yard instead of two.
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Technology Geeks: Dish Network Versus DirecTV

dish pic

My Experiences With Both Satellite Companies

About a year and a half ago, I switched from Dish Network to DirecTV. Basically, I was broke at the time and wanted a nice dual-tuner DVR and DirecTV had started going after Dish Network subscribers in a bid to get us to switch. I had the impression that Dish Network was cheaper than DirecTV, but DirecTV had better equipment. This came from my time working at … uh, let’s call it Electronics City. (I now know that much of the training I got from the City was just salespitch spin, but didn’t know it back then.) When I compared versus the other, I thought they were roughly even and maybe I should the other guys a try. So when all these factors converged, I went for it and tried out DirecTV. So how’d it go? Who wins in the Dish Network versus DirecTV satellite battle?
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