One Glitch After The Reinstall Found

To my abject horror, I discovered that my links – including those generated by the Google search engine to the upper right of my site – don’t work as they should. I think one of my old plugins added a few digits to the end of my links. These are all missing now.

For now, to get to a page, use the link and drop the numbers at the very end. That will get you to the page until I have time to figure out the problem.

Sorry about that. Me so sad, now.

Problems At Atheist Geek News

If you tried to visit Atheist Geek News in the past week, you may have noticed the dreaded White-Screen-of-Death that greeted you. This is what happens after you’ve been running a site for like seven years and you keep screwing around with it. The site is still partially broken, in fact. For example, I am typing this in a text editor because the visual editor isn’t working.

The plan is to back up everything, then start over fresh and import my articles, pages, pics, and your comments. Don’t look for this to happen until next week, however. Also, my spam filters aren’t working correctly, so if you leave a comment, it probably won’t be approved because there are dozens of spam comments popping up all over the place. They are being held for approval by the system, but I may not have time to sort out your comments from the spam.

My hope is that the site will be snappier when it comes back. It was getting slow, and Hostmonster hasn’t exactly given me a lot of system memory to work with, so it may be a bit more streamlined as well. We shall see what happens.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE. P.S. – I have disabled comments because of the spam. If you would like to leave a comment or contact me, please use my email on my about page for now.

The End Is Nigh! Again. Thanks, Mayans!

The Watchtower Society takes over your local news station. Only their predictions will be even less accurate than your old weatherman's. I guarantee it.

The Watchtower Society takes over your local news station. Only their predictions will be even less accurate than your old weatherman’s. I guarantee it.

Here’s a shocker: we’re all going to die. Again. Of course, we can be rest assured that it won’t be due to a global flood. The Watchtower Society says that Jehovah God won’t do that to us again. (Whew.) So it’ll probably just be due to rocks falling out of the sky or a fast acting – but deadly – strain of dandruff.

On that note, here are some links about how doomed we all are. Time to make with the fucking, kids. Grab somebody who’s doable and get busy.

End of the world – apocalypse live

Newtown, Mayan end-of-world rumors prompt Michigan officials to close 33 schools

Mayan apocalypse: Cheer up pal, it’s not the end of the world – the best ‘Doomsday’ virals

Weirdest Syncretism Ever: The Jedi/Mayan Apocalypse

Seriously, the world isn’t going to end like that.

It’ll be because the aliens are coming to get us. Or the dandruff thing.

Have a nice day.