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AUDIO: Richard Dawkins lecture at ASU’s Tempe Campus

You can download this one if you like.

VIDEO: What is science for?

Sir John Sulston, John Harris, Richard Dawkins are part of the video.

Richard Dawkins Responds to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Could the aftermath (and fall out) of their “debate” be a misunderstanding, at least in part?

Author digs into founding fathers’ views on religion, govt.
‘Moment’ in schools banned for now
God save us from those who would deny His existence

With all due respect to Prof Singer and others whose academic shoe-laces I am unworthy to loosen, what value would the non-existence of God, even if proven right, add to the human experience?

Aren’t the philosophical derivatives of atheism – communism, rationalism and materialism – despised, at least in theory, in the Western hemisphere, being associated with retrogression and selfishness?

These aren’t exactly difficult things for atheists to answer. The problems caused by religion would largely go away, just for one. Then there’s the artificial and biased standards of morality that religion imposes, such as prejudice against gays and nonbelievers. Etc…

Agnostic about atheism

The strident secularism of Dawkins and Hitchens misses a bigger point. God doesn’t have to be great for religion to be worthwhile

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