WTF?! I’m Still Here!

chihuahua tongueI’m betting you just woke up this morning and discovered you were still here. Like me, you thought, “Damn.” No more May 21st doomsday, huh? Thanks Harold Camping. At least I didn’t punch my boss in the sack yesterday. Not that he doesn’t need it, but that’s beside the point.

I’ve seen some pretty good doomsday gags suggested by other sites. My favorite is to take a bunch of sex dolls and fill them with helium, then let them fly over a field. Can’t you see it now? “Look at all those naked people going to heaven! Hey, that one’s got a raging hard-on!”

The best thing was the comments left at sites that made suggestions like these. People were actually complaining over the jokes and said that Camping was just an old kook with a belief in something so he shouldn’t be picked on for it. That’s right. People actually felt so bad for Harold Camping they couldn’t bear to see anyone make light of it. Just as some don’t like to see complaints about religious groups they disagree with, too.

They’re kidding, right? The Watchtower Society had a devastating impact on the lives of believers when it made its doomsday predictions, ones that it has since tried to disavow. Not very effectively, I might add. Other religious leaders have pulled the same game before. And, foolish as it may sound, there really are people who just plain feel nervous whenever predictions like these are made. “What if this it?” they think.

Cosplay girls. Me luv’em.

None of that is cool. Neither is a minor media mogul and religious kook garnering attention for himself by doing the same.

Whether Camping meant well or not isn’t the issue. Whether people should call him on it is. And yeah, the moment he went public, we got to call on it. So nyah. I think people are trying a little too hard to put themselves in Camping’s shoes and assuming too many good intentions while they’re at it. Weird, aint’ it?

Anyway, I hope you got laid yesterday. Somebody should have. Just in case.

If you’re a dude, I hope she looked something like Alisa Kiss over here. Or maybe I’m just using this as an excuse to post another image of a hot cosplay girl. Ah, mysteries.

Have fun.

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