Review: Knight Rider (2008)

Knight Rider 2008
Exhibit A for you believers:
Proof positive that there is no God.
That’s right – read it and weep.

I remember seeing the TV movie of the new Knight Rider and the feeling of disorientation that came with it. That’s because it didn’t totally suck-ass like I expected. I couldn’t have been more disappointed. I continue to watch the old 80s series precisely because it does suck so bad! The original Knight Rider is hilarious, and I really think Mike and his pals should do a Rifftrax on it. (The Film Crew? Mystery Science Theater 3000? Hello!) Still, if the first episode is decent, you naturally expect the remaining episodes to get better. So I just had to watch the new Knight Rider when it aired a week or two ago.

How was it?



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