News And Links For Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses: Witnesses in Russia exhaust domestic options

Witnesses in Russia exhaust domestic options

Arson attack on house of worship in Russia

Awake in the Watchtower, Part 1

My name is Kay, I’m 33 years old and I am a Jehovah’s Witness — well, technically anyway. I am part of the growing number of JWs that some like to refer to as the “conscious class”.

Transcript From NBC Dateline

LARSON: (Voiceover) Both Erica and her molester were members of the same church, Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Before your next Judicial meeting…

Dear Brothers,

The purpose of this letter is to clarify certain matters and to secure and protect what we, Xxxxx and Xxxxxxxx, consider basic human rights in dealing with agents of the multinational Watchtower corporations.

Since you have asked us to respond to charges in what could escalate into a judicial committee, there are a few things that we must ask for and which we feel must be clarified before we consider meeting with the elders, judicially or otherwise:

Combat That Cult

Priest, Jehovah’s Witness Not Loving Thy Neighbor

Jehovah’s Witness/Offender Wants to Go Door-to-Door

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5 Responses to News And Links For Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses: Witnesses in Russia exhaust domestic options

  1. Ed says:

    You guys are really from another planet!
    If you don’t like them why don’t you just leave them.
    If a baptist leaves he leaves you folks attack with some sort of satanic vengence..

    • B.W. says:


      No one is attacking with ‘satanic vengeance’. Using scare tactics on folk won’t work. So, don’t be such an illiterate bonehead. It’s folk like you that people don’t like the JW’s or other denominations of fundamentalist Christianity.

  2. Ed says:

    Even God had some of his angels go bad , and that was not his fault!
    From all my years of experience near them they are the best people on earth!

    But I am sure your slander will continue with half truths and verbal attacks.

    • I’d like to know what I said that was so slanderous, Ed. Most of my WT related articles are for former Witnesses having trouble dealing with overly-evangelical family or friends who are still Witnesses. (Most of my advice is fairly positive, in fact.) I am not attacking them and you didn’t give any examples of where I did. But they do harass many of us.

      Regarding your comment that we should just leave them, we already HAVE left them, Ed. That’s what it is to be an EX-Jehovah’s Witness. They just won’t leave many of US alone. If you checked my articles out before commenting, I should think you’d have realized that by now. BTW, many ex-Witnesses who leave are disfellowshipped and shunned by their own family. So many of us are either completely cut off or have to deal with constant pressure to return when we don’t wish to. Most of my WT articles are aimed at people like these.

      If you can’t give specifics on what I said that was so bad, then I’ll assume you’re just having a knee jerk reaction to one of these news links. We get that a lot, too. Note that I don’t write the articles you find at the links. If that’s the problem, then you are complaining in the wrong place. I only wrote the links because I thought they would be of interest to readers who are FORMER JWs. Not current JWs or supporters of JWs.

      BTW, what do you mean by “you guys?” There’s only one author here, so it’s just me–not we “guys.” You’re making me wonder if you’ve lumped me in with someone else.

    • B.W. says:

      I don’t believe in Yahweh or his ‘angels’ or ‘Satan’ or that his ‘angels’ went ‘bad’. That is just Christian mythology to me. The JW’s might be the ‘best’ people on earth to you and that is okay. Most of them are good people. I just share different views of the world than they do. You seem to think that anyone who disagrees with the JW’s are telling ‘half-truths’ and is verbally ‘attacking’ them. Polite disagreement is not ‘attacking’ , dude. If you support the JW’s so much, why are you not a baptized member?

      I think it’s stupid to defend a religion that you wholeheartedly agree with but are not an offical member of? That is how you come across to me. Perhaps there are somethings that bother you about it that you are not telling? This website is for ex-JW’s and non-religious people. Not for the practicing JW’s and the JW ‘supporters’.

      People have the right to disagree with any or all of the beliefs and practices of the Jehovah’s Witnesses or any other religion and to say why they disagree. I think ” Jehovah” is a false god. I do not believe the Jewish or Christian bibles are ‘inspired’, ‘infallible, ‘inerrant’ or the ‘word’ of any god. I don’t believe in ‘Armageddon’ or a ‘earthly paradise’ or that that the WBTS is Yahweh’s ‘one and only channel of communication’ with morals or that the JW’s are the ‘one and only true religion’.

      No, I believe most of the JW’s are good people but I personally do not believe what they believe nor would I engage in the religious practices they that engage in, that’s all. No hate required. You can believe in the JW denomination if you want but nobody is inclined to unconditionally or uncritically agree with all or have to ‘respect’ any of it’s beliefs or practices, do you understand?

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