News And Links For Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses: Video And Interview By Max Elfelt

VIDEO: Video & Interview – Jehovah’s Witnesses: An in depth look

Watchtower’s First Step Toward “Tithing”?

More on this can be found at this link as well.

NGO calls on Ministry to probe closed religious groups; Jehovah’s Witnesses under scrutiny

The UUT – the Support group for the Victims of Religions – has asked the Ministry of Justice to study ways in which to intervene in the activities of closed religious communities.  The group released a report Saturday on the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which UUT claims uses its own internal judicial system with a board that interrogates members and hands down sentences for infractions.

The Watchtower and Mental Illness

An article from AAWA.

Being a Jehovah’s Witness is, as they say, “no walk in the park.”
Jehovah’s Witnesses live a very stressful lifestyle. While some find comfort and acceptance within the organization, a growing number realize that they are “living a lie.” They can not possibly live up to the standards the religion sets for them. Their sex lives are restrictive, they can not carry on normal relationships with non-Jehovah’s Witnesses, and they are banned from any contact with former Witnesses – including members of their own families. They have limited options for employment or expanding their education. The Watchtower Society even limits their medical options and choices for professional counseling or treatment.

Watchtower word games – letter orders changes in terminology and assembly arrangements

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2 Responses to News And Links For Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses: Video And Interview By Max Elfelt

  1. David says:


    I found this because of another posting that comments were closed on elsewhere regarding a list of things JW believe. See I had a friend I made just when I began school here, a Deaf school, and she like me both were Christians raised protestant. Then one day in cafe was this other girl, with a slickster look in her eye, you know how someone who lies to get what they want and butter you up has that look? Like some dirty salesmen on a streetcorner? She was teaching my friend about how all others are wrong, JW corrected the Bible. I sat there and kept mouth shut a long time watching her sign to her in a condescending way, asking her if she knew this and that, and quoting the Bible, but out of context.

    Eventually I said something, and I decided I would show her a sketching of what my pastor had taught us regarding the nature of the Trinity (In a nut shell a circle and triangle and write each of the Trinity names on each corner of triangle then write IS and arrow to center where it says GOD from each one so it can read “Jesus IS God” etc, and between each on the side of circle write “Is Not” so it reads “Jesus IS NOT the Father,” etc) and she ignored it and looked at me grinning and slyly signed the “do you know?….” and misquoted another verse. I never spoke to that chick again. But my friend was led so easily into the trap.

    I had seen back home that they go to every DeafNation and other big event having booths and videos in ASL. No other religion I have seen thus far has gone so out of the way to TARGET Deaf. It seems like they got a list. I am not joking, dude they suddenly appear at your door WITH a Deaf person who is fluent in sign, how did they get our names and addresses that Deaf live here?

    When one family came to my friend’s apt 3 years ago, I told one of my friends who was there to ask the hearing woman (3 of the 4 were fully hearing) to interpret all that is signed to me in English as I am a new signer. ( I did not tell them I knew more than I put on) So she told the wife to translate all that was said and the video. I watched the video tell in ASL “noooo, your spirit does not leave when you die! You just sleep, rest. :)” and I knew that was not what any of the Bible versions I had read said at all, so I looked saying nothing…and the woman SKIPPED that bit. See I had said I was Baptist and she did not want to tell me what conflicted and get into debate. I love debate, and honesty, and she was not honest or a debater. I told my friends that she was deceptive and at least one of them believed me. Problem is, the guy who lived there is not good with English, he can’t read. 🙁 So what is signed to him is all he got, and he wants to know of God, so they can easily trick and harm him and his new wife and daughter. Not cool.

    Skip back to the future now…
    Yesterday I got the good news…punny…my friend said she just quit the JW! She was so close to baptism, but the elders had caused her a lot of grief, she told me almost flunked school, kept her researching, and had just told her to quit school here and get a part time job. She told me why she was “too busy” to talk to me and always looked upset, she said she had been crying. :'( This makes me mad. The guy had come on our Deaf campus, in our Deaf cafe, sat at our tables ate our food and told her to quit! And to leave the dorms to live only with JW. He said school was a waste of time as “jehovah is returning immently” BAHHH!!! We know it says in the real Bible not to look up, time He returns even JESUS does not know, it could be in 200 years!! I can’t believe the balls!

    So anyways, she is back to happy and returning to campus unafraid of them and got a major. 🙂

    But I am pissed. I also saw another girl harrassed by off campus young Mormons who came to our cafe and rode our shuttle to get her, and when she questioned them also she was made to feel so bad she did quit and said she may return in 2 years or so. BAH!!

    I am all for debate, and study of all religions openly, and am okay with religion on campus. After all, school is a place of learning, where better to learn about God? We have a very diverse campus, international students and many religious practices, and it is by majority ….no exageration…gay. Prob about 75% is an understatement. However, I WANT THIS STOPPED!

    IF you have any suggestions about what would be reasonable to require for OUTSIDERS trying to recruit members for JW, how to get this banned, I would like to know. There is a fine line between sharing your beliefs openly and freely, and forcing your controlling beliefs onto a person. They have targeted our school because they think we are stupid Deaf people…and I am the type to go after them.

    Got ammo?

    • Hi David. Comments are often closed on Jehovah’s Witnesses and some ex-Witness sites because posts by one side will elicit angry posts by someone on the other side. JWs, in my experience, tend to close comments or moderate out the negative ones even when they allow them.

      Bear in mind that you are not talking to a believer in the Bible’s authority. I can’t quote chapter and verse anymore and know more about the secular historic/translation issues of the Bible these days. So if you want scriptural ammo, I’m not the best guy, although I might be able to point you in the right direction about specific things to look up when countering a particular argument.

      I can tell you that it will not be enough to tell someone you are trying to help that JWs are quoting the Bible out of context. All denominations do that, they just don’t know it. (Sorry.) If you want to go toe to toe over scripture and the person you are trying to convince has fundamentalist leanings (meaning they think the Bible should be taken literally) you will probably have to instill doubt by simply countering ever JW scripture with an opposing one. This will be even harder than it sounds unless you’ve had experience with this.

      First, how much do you know about JWs? Not only about doctrine, but other details. Their Bible – The New World Translation – is what you might call a customized translation of the Bible. It was written by a “secret” group that donated it to the Society anonymously. (No it really wasn’t, but that’s what they tell people.) When in doubt, it translates scripture that way they would prefer it to read. So your Bible may say something different than the one your friends are seeing. Note that everyone, including JWs, know it was written by high-level JWs decades ago and even who they were. They aren’t always honest about this, however.

      Second, even if you counter the claims of the JW, many people who are looking for something different may not be impressed. JWs are essentially offering them a prepackage worldview on a plate. It will be 80% internally consistent, and the other 20% will not be explained to them until they have been in it for a while. It will not be explained to them in a way that is obvious or that points out the inconsistencies. So, if your friends don’t want to listen to you, JWs will make it easy for them not to. They have a program, from beginning to end, that carries new recruits through the indoctrination process and it is carefully thought out.

      So, for actual resources, I suggest you use my list of links on the tabs above. ( Here are some that I would start with:
      JW Facts has loads of info about JWs and will help you find scriptures. It also quotes the Society’s literature and tells you where to find stuff.
      This is one of the best journalist/reporting sites about JWs on the web with an eye for problems, like pedophiles and some of the “culty” things JWs are told to do or believe, such as obeying the governing body even if they think they are being told to do something they think they shouldn’t. It does an excellent job of quoting its sources.
      Both of these sites are where you would go to download and read the JW literature that will invariably be quoted to you in defense of JW teachings.
      The last one, AAWA, is a group that is trying to raise awareness about JWs and the problems that the Society’s “truth” causes in people’s lives. You may contact them as well.

      Mormons, which you also mentioned, are a somewhat different bag of worms. 🙂 I am friends with a number of ex-Mormons online. It’s about as culty as JWs are in their opinions are mine. Their style of recruitment is very different.

      Good luck with everything. 🙂

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