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Found this via Deluded Students.

“You can’t use Patterson!” – Court denies Watchtower’s bond motion

The Watchtower’s proposed use of Patterson to provide security for the damages award in the Conti case has been thrown out by Judge Robert McGuinness in a stunning setback for the Society, who were hoping to get out of paying a costly annual premium on their $17 million bond – or get the bond reduced altogether. Their failure to get the motion passed increases the financial strain on the Society, making it difficult for them to try to prolong the appeals process.

Supreme Court upholds conviction for man who tried to circumcise son at home

The Supreme Court of Canada has abruptly dismissed the appeal of a British Columbia man who tried to circumcise his four-year-old son on his kitchen floor with a carpet-cutting blade.

DJW’s religious background was as a Jehovah’s Witness, although he was “disfellowshipped” by his family and the church. The Crown said his religious education and associations later led him to believe that male circumcision was a covenant with God.
He attempted to circumcise himself in 2005 and could not stop the bleeding. He had to go to an emergency room where a doctor sutured the wound.

Guide to Evolution for Jehovah’s Witnesses – Part 1 « Deluded Students

Some of the comments that followed this article – especially those by Richard – were precious. Richard, it turns out, runs Therefore God Exists, a pro-creationist website. His response to the above article is, sadly, very stereotypical.

Jehovah’s Witness objects to wife’s blood transfusion

The man said he knew his wife of eight years well and she had filled in three Advanced Care Directives over a number of years stating her beliefs, signing the most recent in August 2012.

But Ms Barrington said the hospital was contending that the wishes expressed by the woman to doctors on Tuesday evening should supersede the wishes expressed in the directive.

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