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Ex-Mormon Life After Apostasy

I always found the similarities between Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons quite interesting, especially since so many ex-Witnesses seem to think that the Mormons have it better than the Witnesses. Ex-Witnesses will find the ex-Mormon’s responses to be easily adaptable.

AUDIO: Blatant Blunders of the Watchtower Society Bittorrent download source!

Some MP3 downloads that might be of interest.

VIDEO: Wake up!

If you’re one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, this will no doubt bring a tear to your eye. But wait, what the hell are you doing here reading this?!?

Witnesses begin Remain Close to Jehovah! conventions

My wife just got back from one of these bad boys last night. This is usually when I’m in the most danger of hearing from the in-laws about getting back with old “Jah.” The phrase “Armageddon’s uh comin!” may be heard a lot in my near future if I’m not careful. ::Sigh:: Perhaps I wasn’t angry enough last time they tried to yank my back into the Tower? We shall see.

Berlin man committed to hospital for hate crime against Jehovah’s Witness

GREEN LAKE – A 35-year-old Berlin man who told police he punched an elderly Jehovah’s Witness in the face and head several times when she came to his door offering him a religious tract, has been committed to the state Department of Health Services for eight years.

Wayne W. Greening was found guilty in Green Lake County Circuit Court Friday of felony aggravated battery against an elderly person, a hate crime based on the woman’s religious beliefs. A Green Lake County judge ruled Greening’s guilt was modified due to the man’s mental disease or defect at the time the crime was committed.

Religion: I am a Jehovah’s Witness

“My beliefs offer me a refuge when things go wrong.”

Local missionaries spread the word one door at a time

BOULDER — On a balmy June morning, Kirsten Vail strutted up to a lone man waiting for the bus in Louisville and offered him the latest copy of the Jehovah’s Witness magazine.

“Oh, I’m OK, thanks,” the man said, plucking out one of his earphones to answer.

Grinning sheepishly, Kirsten left the bus station.

“I talked to him last week,” she chuckled.

It’s an honest mistake that happens when you spend almost 20 hours a week proselytizing.

Birthday Parties and Jehovah’s Witnesses

1. The Bible does not ban birthdays. Despite the fact that beheadings took place at both birthdays mentioned in the Bible, we are no where told NOT to celebrate them. This is important because the Bible is full of rules. God didn’t leave anything to guesswork when laying out the laws for Israel. Birthdays were obviously a well-known custom at that time. If God was particular enough to dictate how the Israelites cut their hair, wore their clothes and cooked their meals, he would have made explicit a ban on birthdays.

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