News and Links For Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses: Confrontational proselytizing has its followers – and its critics

Confrontational proselytizing has its followers – and its critics | church, face, witnessing – Top Stories – Colorado Springs Gazette, CO

Confrontational proselytizing, critics say, is no longer appropriate or effective in this age of heightened suspicion toward strangers and greater acceptance in America of other faiths besides Christianity as viable religious paths.

Indeed, the Jehovah‘s Witnesses and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the two Christian denominations most committed to formal witnessing, recently modified their soul-winning approach.

This is one of my biggest beefs with hard core believers, too. And I used to do it myself! (Not that I liked it…)

Daily Sound — Butting heads over God

I know belief systems are a very sacred subject to most and I would never say anything to denigrate another’s path to inner love and fulfillment. No matter what your belief, I have no problem until arrogance, intolerance, anger, and violence enter the room. Then I feel inclined to speak.

Here here.

Man sees subtle victory in fight against Jehovah’s Witnesses

What it most clearly does not say is that Mr. Hughes is necessarily wrong in claiming that his daughter received problematic advice from lawyers working not just for her, but also for a religious body intent on seeing her denied the blood she needed. “If I was advising [the Watchtower Society and its lawyers] I would now say, ‘At some point, this is no longer going to work out for you,’ ” Ms. Woolley says.

My Girlfriend is a Jehovah’s Witness – The Landover Baptist Church Forums

This one is weird. Or kinda sad, actually. It’s in a forum for the Landover Baptist Church. No kidding. This guy just found out his girlfriend is a Jehovah’s Witness, but since they aren’t “true Christians” in his eyes, he doesn’t know what to do. Poor little fella.

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