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VIDEO: A New Strategy.

VIDEO: In God We Trust

Student Faces Town’s Wrath in Protest Against a Prayer

For Jessica [Alquist], who was baptized in the Catholic Church but said she stopped believing in God at age 10, the prayer was an affront. “It seemed like it was saying, every time I saw it, ‘You don’t belong here,’ ” she said the other night during an interview at a Starbucks here.

Believers after the rapture

Often people join extreme cults not because they are convinced by them but because they need something that the cult provides. That something may be fellowship, self esteem or even physical necessities such as food and shelter. No amount of persuasion will get them to change their mind until that more basic need is met. Remember, as Ben Goldacre said in his excellent book, ‘Bad Science’:

“You cannot reason people out of a position that they did not reason themselves into.”

Once Again, Believers Have it Wrong: Atheists Don’t Just Want Sex, Drugs, and Lack of Morality

Religious apologists want to begin the debate with the presumption that their moral rules are divinely inspired, that their supernatural wisdom should be taken for granted, and that no human being could possibly be qualified to dispute them. Clearly, such a staggeringly enormous claim has to be proved, not just assumed. There are thousands of different religions in the world, each with their own, mutually incompatible moral codes, and each one claiming supernatural sanction. They can’t all be right, so even if you believe in a god who communicates with humans, there’s no reason to assume a priori that any one person or group claiming to have divine revelations is telling the truth. No matter what, the apologist who wants to claim supernatural warrant for his personally preferred morality can’t escape the need to give real evidence of a deity’s influence in its production. Mere appeals to faith are a poor and inadequate substitute.

A Facebook Page called Evolution vs. Creation – How did Life Get here?

Go there. It’s beyond awesome. Just not in a good way.

Juliane Collins: Atheism is Cult-Like

Juliane writes:

Many people think that Atheism is not a religion because it is defined as “Disbelief in the existence of God or gods”, but to me it seems to go far beyond that. I have yet to meet a single atheist who did not have a soul purpose it was to attack the fundamentals of established religion.

Why women convert to Islam

Writer carefully tackles question of sacred LDS undergarment

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