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Richard Dawkins slaps creationists into the primordial soup

His books sell in their millions, his TV programmes are rapturously received, and he’s appeared in Doctor Who. Not bad for a 67-year-old academic. Now Richard Dawkins, scourge of creationists, is championing his Victorian hero

Karadzic ‘worked in Serb clinic’

Captured war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic was living in Serbia’s capital Belgrade and practising alternative medicine, Serb officials say.

Austin Cline On: Atheism Has to be a Creed. It Just Has to Be!

One of the more popular myths about atheism is the idea that it’s some sort of ideology, philosophy, religion, or creed. Some religious theists just can’t understand how atheism can be anything less than that; in fact, some are so much in denial about what atheism is that they will go to great lengths to insist that it must involve some set of beliefs, assertions, and ideas about the world which is analogous to their own.

Alan Roebuck writes…

They should have seen it coming

For years James Randi’s foundation has had a million dollars for anyone able to prove they have paranormal powers. But, he explains, in 2010 that money will be put to far better use.

Anti-Atheist Bigotry: I Don’t Really Hate Atheists, Honest!

Bush Edits Out Jefferson’s Criticism of Religion

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