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Austin Cline’s Mailbag: Feel The Love!

Have you ever let yourself be confirmed by the spirit that he lives? Sometimes it’s just easier for people not to believe in a God, then they think they’re the only one they have to answer their consequences to. I have a friend who was an athiest because of that reason (for the most part), he didn’t want to feel bad for doing bad things, but now he believes in Christ because he let himself feel His love. He told me that he doesn’t think that he could truly love until he had his faith in Christ.

Austin has yet another fan … who doesn’t know jack about atheists. This sort of reminds me of encounters I’ve had with Jehovah’s Witnesses who want to “save me” from myself. Believers should check out Austin’s response to this letter to learn about some common misconceptions people have about atheists. Another recent article from Austin on the subject can be found here.

John Madziarczyk: Atheists Rely Too Much on Science

John Madziarczyk argues that it is faulty reasoning for atheists to expect science to answer questions about religion:

Because the existence of God isn’t a question that science can answer. How do you set up an experiment to test for the existence of God? How do you set something up so that the data can be falsified, meaning that it could be either proved false or not, regarding God? You can’t. It’s not like analyzing the age of a particular strata of rock or doing a chemical experiment.

How does Austin answer the author of this article? Click the link to see.

“Evangelical” Atheism, Or, Is It Okay to Try to Change People’s Minds?

Is it okay for atheists to try to change people’s minds? To try to convince people that their religion is mistaken, and that they should de-convert and become atheists instead?

And is there any difference between that and religious evangelicalism? Between that, and religious evangelicals/ missionaries trying to convince people that their religion (or lack thereof) is mistaken, and that they should convert and join their own religion instead?

Tedious Faith

…when watching a “testimonial” video that would do Grandpa Simpson proud. A testament of faith so pointless, so unfocused, so self-involved, so completely devoid of content, it’s actually hilarious.

Like this one.

This video is … well … pretty awful. Aw hell, I laughed out loud and knew I had to post a link to Christina’s blog for this alone. Hey, she found it. She should reap the credit. Someone (a mean old atheist like me) should think about a site where they find ramblings like these on You-Tube or wherever. Anyway, the really cool part is at the very end of Christina’s article. You have to read the whole thing to get it, though.

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