Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Harry and Dumbledore
The next movie:
Harry Potter and His Elderly Gentleman Friend

I wasn’t sure if I would like the Harry Potter movies when they first came out. They were based on kids books, and I tend to favor darker, more adult stories. As you might have guessed, the first one didn’t do much for me. It really felt like a kids movie, though it was well done. Since then, each Harry Potter movie has gotten better. When Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix came out, the movies were actually my kind of stories! (Gasp!) More or less. So I was anxious to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

But was it as good as Order of the Pheonix?

Hell friggin’ yeah! I am pleased to announce that the Half Blood Prince was a great movie.

Gaunt and starved for crack,
Malfoy joins Valdemort’s team
of go-getters and nut jobs.

The stakes keep getting higher for Potter and his Scooby gang as Valdemort continues to move against them and the wizard community. The dark lord has enlisted Draco Malfoy, the annoying two dimensional fop from the previous movies, to further his plans. (Valdemort’s clearly a tactical genius! Or a huge gambler.) You remember that Draco’s father was one of Valdemort’s death eaters from the previous film? Well, now Malfoy and his mother have been left to deal with the fallout in disgrace. Draco also looks like he’s on crack or something. Eat a damn sandwich, Draco!

I have to say that Malfoy came dangerously close to becoming a three dimensional character in this one. If they’d given him more screen time, he might have almost become interesting. Too bad. Better luck next time, Draco.

The movies, like the main characters, seem to be maturing with time. In one scene, a boy makes a lewd gesture at Hermione–something you would never have seen a couple movies back. The audience laughed at this, and other fun moments like it. I was actually hoping that Ron would get laid. Or even Harry. Dare to dream, Atheist Geek…

Harry and Ginny
You’ll marvel as Harry resists the
temptation to grab Ginny’s ass and
make out with her. Or you’ll just
assume he’s gay.

What the Hell. I’ll pretend they did, only I’ll assume it happened off screen.

The Half Blood Prince didn’t have quite as much action as Order of the Pheonix, but it was funnier. My wife thought the movie slowed at times. Still, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Metacritic gives the movie a 78, while Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 84. Rotten Tomatoes describes it as “Dark, thrilling, and occasionally quite funny, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is also visually stunning and emotionally satisfying.” I have to agree.

Now go see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Try to go late at night to avoid the “parent with annoying children” rush.

Crazy bimbo chick
A girl driven so insane
that she tries to make
out with Ron! Hot chicks
really shouldn’t do drugs.


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