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This is the {nearly) full sized logo for Atheist Geek News. It sorta represents what AGN is all about.

you should be seeing the full sized image of my logo here

The geek in front is obviously hand drawn and colored digitally. The rest are images I found laying around on the internet that I twisted and prodded into place.

I'm especially proud of the O'Reilly picture on the dart board, and the fact that I have one of those Voodoo 5500s you see pictured in the background. Also, Alisa Kiss is super hot. She's the babe you see hanging from the Atheist Geek's wall. In case you're wondering, she doesn't even know that I'm alive. If you search Google for Alisa Kiss, you'll find all kinda images of babely goodness. She even has videos on her web site, though they aren't as naughty as some of the better known cam-hotties out there.

The books in the library are as follows: top left to right 1)The God Delusion 2)God Is Not Great 3)The End Of Faith 4)Crisis Of Conscience.

Books from left to right on the bottom row are labled as 1)American History (pretty generic, really) 2)William Shakespeare 3)A Brief History Of Time 4)The Throne Of Bones 5)Ender's Game.

Latest Reviews and Commentaries

Iron Man. 'nuff said, true believers.

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