If the visual style and dialogue from 300 got its freak on with the basic story line from Soldier, the grisly outcome would have to be Pathfinder!

The story, such as it is, goes something like this. A bunch of Vikings land in America and starts kicking the crap out of the natives. But one of them is the young, sensitive type. He manages to survive the counter attack, which isn’t really shown in the DVD I had. Then one of the natives finds him living in the burnt out hulk of the Viking’s ship.

Fast forward like 15 years and young “Ghost” isn’t fully accepted by the members of his tribe. He is told by some old guy (a “pathfinder,” which means what in this context?) that he will have to face his demons before he can be fully accepted by the others. Okay. Then, right on time, another ship jammed full with Vikings lumbers ashore. The Vikings charge out and start hacking people up for a few laughs. That’s when Ghost goes all Sergeant Todd on their butts and tries to fight them. Later on, there’s some kinda rope fight between Ghost and the lead Viking that seems to complement the chain fight in Soldier. Only way less cool or interesting.

There is one thing I can say for movies like Pathfinder.
At least they’re starting to veer away from the decades of hyper-sensitive political correctness that has plagued entertainment in the United States for years. Too bad they couldn’t have offered something else, like cool characters or even a real script.

If all you want in a movie is lots of random death without any sort of emotional attachment…or anything else very interesting…then Pathfinder might still be your movie. If can put up with computer generated blood, that is. Maybe we’ll get to see some real boinking in the the unrated version instead of that weird montage between Ghost and the Native American chick? I dunno… Couldn’t hurt.

-the Atheist Geek-

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