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Decline of atheism

Posted on 7/29/07

The CreationWiki is sort of like the EvoWiki's right-wing twin. I have no idea why a pro-creation science wiki even has an entry about atheism at all since it doesn't seem to belong there, but I found it nonetheless. I was surprised to find that their entry was even less incumbered by actual facts than the Conservapedia entry on atheism. Wonders really do never cease.

Considering it's likely readership, I'm just as surprised that the Inhuman acts by atheists section isn't loaded with more misinformation about abortion, Hitler, or Stalin. But I'll guess they'll get around to it.

I don't know if this will be a regular feature here or not. We'll see. As with the Conservapedia entry, I hope you'll stop yourself from going there and changing it. I'd like people who actually believe this sort of stuff to have a chance to show off their true colors for all the world to see. Fact is that people who go their to be informed won't let us change their mind for them. Kinda seems like a shame, don't it? Oh well.

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