Witnesses for Atheism: Cool Podcasts for Ex-Witnesses Turned Atheists

Normally, I’d include this with my news and links updates, but I’m lazy and didn’t want to wait. Witnesses for Atheism is a pretty sweet podcast for those hungry masses of ex-Witnesses that want to hear more podcasts from…well, ex-Witnesses! I discovered it through Twitter, which I finally joined about a week or two ago.

The podcasters grew up as Jehovah’s Witnesses and start out by telling us how they went from believers to atheists. Please encourage them to do more and let them know we’re listening.

SyFy Is Canceling Stargate: Universe … Waaaah!

SGUThat’s right, Stargate: Universe fans. First … for me … there was Farscape. Then I discovered Firefly on the SciFi Channel (before they tweened up the name for copyright purposes) only to learn that it had already been canceled. Wha?! And now, to my abject horror, Stargate: Universe is going under. That’s right. This is the last season. SyFy, must you destroy everything that I love? What’s next? Chocolate cake and porn?

Curse you, SyFy Channel! A pox on you, I say!

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Review: The Walking Dead On AMC Part 1

It’s been years since I read the graphic novel series, The Walking Dead. I didn’t consider it the most original story at the time. There were more than a few cliches from the zombie genre, but the stories were good. It was a comic book series, not a movie or a TV show, and a very grownup one at that. So I gave the series big kudos. Now, AMC has brought us The Walking Dead miniseries to TV. And I thought AMC was for old folks still cursing Hollywood for making the talkies in color. Sometimes, it’s good to be proven wrong.

Or is it?

Is AMC’s The Walking Dead good enough to watch? Or is it just another unnecessary interpretation of something cool that only puts everyone to sleep?

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Review: Knight Rider (2008)

Knight Rider 2008
Exhibit A for you believers:
Proof positive that there is no God.
That’s right – read it and weep.

I remember seeing the TV movie of the new Knight Rider and the feeling of disorientation that came with it. That’s because it didn’t totally suck-ass like I expected. I couldn’t have been more disappointed. I continue to watch the old 80s series precisely because it does suck so bad! The original Knight Rider is hilarious, and I really think Mike and his pals should do a Rifftrax on it. (The Film Crew? Mystery Science Theater 3000? Hello!) Still, if the first episode is decent, you naturally expect the remaining episodes to get better. So I just had to watch the new Knight Rider when it aired a week or two ago.

How was it?



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