TV Review: Battlestar Galactica Razor

It was shows like Battlestar Galactica that taught me how much of a let down Star Trek really was. Farscape, Firefly, Galactica … all of them made Star Trek feel like it was standing still. I still like Star Trek, but when compared to these other creations, it feels light weight. Of them all, only Battlestar Galactica survives. After a disappointing third season of Galactica (for me, at least) I was starting to worry. Then BSG “Razor” rears its ugly head and I’m all smiles again.

If you haven’t seen Battlestar Galactica’s Razor yet, stay tuned. I’m sure the SciFi Channel will run it 50 billion more times until the mere mention of a DVD will make ya puke. But that’s okay. At least you’ll know you’re alive. Star Trek, with its hospital corridors and excessive nerd-words will just lay there beside you like a cold fish by comparison. Maybe Ron Moore and friends will deliver a fourth season just as worthy of adoration as my other gritty favorite, Heroes. (Doctor Who from the BBC and Reaper also rules)

Basically, Razor was good enough to restore my faith in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. Watch it. Go now. Star Trek: Enterprise isn’t getting any better.


To all my Star Trek loving friends, please don’t be mad at me. Like Battlestar Galactica, it’s just a TV show. But the next time the brains at Paramount slap a Star Trek label on something, I would really appreciate it if they forbade the word “protocol” from reentering the Trek lexicon. Seriously. Nobody talks like this, so lay off the technical thesaurus thingy. It would help if Star Trek grew up a little as well, but I think this makes the really die-hard fans mad. Needless to say, our tastes differ greatly on this point. Let’s just shake hands and part company like adults, shall we? Cool.

Oh, and Admiral Adama would totally kick Captain Picard’s a*s. I know it. And that goes double for Captain Kirk!!!

Nyah nyah!!

-the Atheist Geek-

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