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Boy, that master is almost as elusive as Robert Denby!
Blog Of Darkness: Farewell to The Master



Hey there kids. Uncle Satan here. I know it's been a while, but I've been working on "The Golden Compass." Now that the movie is about to hit theaters nationwide (and all the uber-Christians are ready to start protesting) my work is finally done. Now I can do whatever the hell I want for at least a month and nobody'll even notice. God, I love my job. But not half as much as today's hero.

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Ni picture? Maybe Sauron found the One Ring after all!
Blog Of Darkness:
Sauron, Just Before His Title Match!

Sauron Will Be The Next Heavy Weight Wrestling Champion Of The World, Brother!


One ring to rule them all! One ring to bring them all to my title match! I, Sauron, shall destroy all who... Oh. It's you. I suppose you were expecting a huge flaming eyeball or something. Well, I've moved on. Okay? The past is in the past, just like all my many failures. Everyone deserves a second chance. My lifecoach says so, and so it must be.

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Satan is hot, baby!
Blog Of Darkness:
Satan Speaks!



Hi kids! Listen. I've been sensing AG's growing disappointment at the lack of updates to the Blog of the Gods web site and everything, so I thought I'd cheer him up by offering my services as a "guest blogger" or whatever you crazy kids like to call it. It scared the hell out of him when he woke up and saw my smiling face this morning! But I am Satan, after all. That is the sort of thing that your old pal Satan is known for, which brings me to the point of my first post.

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Farewell To The Master!