In case you couldn't figure it out on your own, the biographies on this page are totally fake. Yes, really. I'm not making that part up. Come back every Tuesday for another journey down "what might have been" lane according to my highly overactive imagination.

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The Really Real, Totally True Biography Of The Atheist Geek #7

Ah! Where'd I go? 10/23/07

The Atheist Geek is the result of an experiment to splice the DNA of Elvis with that of Abraham Lincoln. Believe it when I say that no one really knows why. But whatever their true goal might have been, the Atheist Geek was soon taken into custody as a ward of the state. Thus sentenced to a childhood spent in the warm glow of a foster home, the Atheist Geek was exposed to a variety of religions. He thought they were all hilarious. He was surprisingly unpopular with pretty much everybody. Finally, he ran away and went to live with a band of gypsies with a disturbing love of karaoke. (I don't get Elvis or karaoke in real life, so they both seem kinda weird to me) The part about the gypsies may explain why he wears so many beads.

NOTE: I'm going to have to keep it short and simple this week. I'm having a bad bout with the migraines for nearly a month now and spending time on the computer seems to make them worse. This week has been especially bad. As a geek, forcing me off the computer is pretty much cruel and unusual punishment. Anyway, sorry about that. I have big plan that will have to continue to wait.

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