Anonymous (Hackers) Digging Into Watchtower Society Computers?

I’m sure many of you have heard of the hacker group, Anonymous, by now. I’ve begun seeing videos and news about attempts they have made to raise awareness about pedophilia going on in religious organizations, including the Watchtower Society. The hard thing about groups like Anonymous is that you never know when news is genuine or not. Is it really Anonymous, or is it someone else just masquerading as them? Also, it’s not clear how organized they are. Are there different factions within the group? No one really knows.

That’s why I haven’t posted anything about Anonymous until now. But it’s starting to look like these claims might be genuine. I will post more about this if solid news comes to light. For now, several fellow ex-Witnesses have asked me to post a link to this video claiming to be made by Anonymous. I have decided to grant their request.

 The video pretty much speaks for itself. Stay tuned and we’ll see if anything more comes from this.

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